Manual Testing Interview Questions

In this article, we will see the most popular manual testing interview questions.

Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview Questions

Let’s see the most popular top 100 Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview Questions 1-50

  1. What is Code coverage?
  2. What is Top-Down Approach?
  3. What is Gamma Testing?
  4. What is Compatibility Testing?
  5. What is Test Environment?
  6. What is Retesting?
  7. What is Installation Testing?
  8. What is Globalization Testing?
  9. What is Endurance Testing?
  10. What is Usability Testing?
  11. What is Load Testing?
  12. What is Reliability Testing?
  13. What is a Bug?
  14. What is Non-Functional Testing?
  15. What is GUI Testing?
  16. What is Sanity Testing?
  17. What is Static Testing?
  18. What is Recovery Testing?
  19. What is Formal Testing?
  20. What is Internationalization Testing (I18N Testing)?
  21. What is Defect Cascading in Software Testing?
  22. What is Stress Testing?
  23. What is Software Testing?
  24. What is Early Testing?
  25. What is Soak Testing?
  26. What is Exploratory Testing?
  27. What is Regression Testing?
  28. What is Smoke Testing?
  29. What are Quality Assurance and Quality Control?
  30. What is Localization Testing (L10N Testing)?
  31. What is Monkey Testing?
  32. What is Test Scenario?
  33. What is Risk Based Testing?
  34. What is Performance Testing?
  35. What is Security Testing?
  36. What is Verification in software testing?
  37. What is Big Bang Approach?
  38. What is Test Bed?
  39. What is Dynamic Testing?
  40. What is System Testing?
  41. What is Test Case?
  42. What is Test Data?
  43. What is Black Box Testing?
  44. What is Test Closure?
  45. What is Bottom-Up Approach?
  46. What is White Box Testing?
  47. What is Test Harness?
  48. What is Acceptance Testing?
  49. What is Validation in software testing?
  50. What is Integration Testing?

Manual Testing Interview Questions 51-100

  1. What is Functional Testing?
  2. What is Positive and Negative Testing?
  3. What is Beta Testing?
  4. What is Unit Testing?
  5. What is Grey Box Testing?
  6. What is Alpha Testing?
  7. What is Test Strategy?
  8. Who are all involved in an inspection meeting?
  9. What is test coverage?
  10. Tell some examples of Bug Severity and Bug Priority?
  11. What is Inspection?
  12. What is Defect clustering?
  13. What is a Failure?
  14. What is Bug Priority?
  15. What is Test Plan and contents available in a Test Plan?
  16. What is Bug Life Cycle?
  17. What is the difference between a Standalone application, Client-Server application and Web application?
  18. What is Bug Release?
  19. What is Showstopper Defect?
  20. What is Error Seeding?
  21. List out Test Deliverables?
  22. What is Fuzz Testing?
  23. What is Boundary Value Analysis?
  24. What are the tasks of Test Closure activities in Software Testing?
  25. What is Equivalence Class Partition?
  26. What is Concurrency Testing?
  27. What is Volume Testing?
  28. What is State Transition?
  29. What is Test Suite?
  30. What is an exit criteria?
  31. What is Adhoc Testing?
  32. What is SDLC?
  33. What is Interface Testing?
  34. What is Scalability Testing?
  35. What are the different available models of SDLC?
  36. What is A/B Testing?
  37. What is Bucket Testing?
  38. Can you do System testing at any stage of SDLC?
  39. What is Split Testing?
  40. What is HotFix?
  41. What is Exhaustive Testing?
  42. What are the principles of Software Testing?
  43. What is STLC?
  44. What is Pesticide Paradox?
  45. What is Walk Through?
  46. What is RTM?
  47. What is a Defect?
  48. When to stop testing? (Or) How do you decide when you have tested enough?
  49. What is an Error?
  50. What is Bug Severity?
  51. What is a Critical Bug?
  52. What is Bug Leakage?
  53. What is Test Metrics?
  54. What is Defect Age?
  55. What is Decision Table testing?
  56. What is the procedure of manual testing?
  57. What is an entry criteria?

I hope, we have covered almost all the most common manual testing interview questions in the above list.

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