Selenium Interview Questions

In this article, we will see the most popular selenium interview questions.

Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions

Let’s see the most popular top 100 Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions 1-50

  1. What is a Framework?
  2. What are the types of waits available in Selenium WebDriver?
  3. Why do you prefer Selenium Automation Tool?
  4. Describe the difference between Absolute Path and Relative Path?
  5. Where you have applied OOPS in Automation Framework?
  6. How to set test case priority in TestNG?
  7. How to Upload a file in Selenium WebDriver?
  8. What is the difference between setSpeed () and sleep () methods?
  9. What happens if you mix both Thread.Sleep and WebDriver Waits in a Selenium Script?
  10. Explain the ways to refresh a browser using Selenium WebDriver?
  11. How many test cases can be automated per day?
  12. What are the verification points available in Selenium?
  13. What are the benefits of Selenium Grid?
  14. Explain the difference between “/” and “//”
  15. What is a hub in Selenium Grid?
  16. What is Selenium?
  17. Explain the Locators available in Selenium?
  18. What do you mean by Automation Testing?
  19. How many parameters can selenium commands have at a minimum?
  20. What is the use of @Listener annotation in TestNG?
  21. What is a node in Selenium Grid?
  22. What are the Advantages of Automation Testing?
  23. How can you input text in the text box using Selenium WebDriver?
  24. What happen if you mix both implicit wait and explicit wait in a Selenium Script?
  25. When do you use these locators ID, Name, XPath, Or CSS Selector?
  26. What is Selenium Grid?
  27. Which is the only browser that supports Selenium IDE to be used?
  28. What is the difference between Assert and Verify-in Selenium?
  29. What are the types of WebDriver APIs available in Selenium?
  30. What is an XPath?
  31. Explain the Framework which you have opted in your Selenium Project?
  32. How to launch a browser using Selenium WebDriver?
  33. Is the FirefoxDriver a Class or an Interface?
  34. How to submit a form using Selenium WebDriver?
  35. When do you use Selenium Grid?
  36. What is the super interface of WebDriver?
  37. What happens if I run this command. driver.get(“”) ;
  38. Describe the line of code Webdriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); ?
  39. What is WebElement selenium?
  40. How can you input text in the text box without calling the sendKeys()?
  41. What are the different types of navigation commands?
  42. Explain the difference between driver.get() and“url”)?
  43. Which WebDriver implementation claims to be the fastest?
  44. What are the Open-source Frameworks supported by Selenium WebDriver?
  45. What is Soft Assert and Hard Assert in Selenium?
  46. Do you have created any Framework?
  47. What is Selenese?
  48. What are the testing types that can be supported by selenium?
  49. What is Selenium IDE?
  50. What are the Operating Systems supported by Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium Interview Questions 51-100

  2. Why do we create a reference variable ‘driver’ of type WebDriver as shown below?
  3. What is the purpose of doing this way?
  4. What are the Programming Languages supported by Selenium WebDiver?
  5. What is Implicit Wait In Selenium WebDriver?
  6. Can I navigate back and forth in a browser in Selenium WebDriver?
  7. Which language is not supported by selenium?
  8. What is Fluent Wait In Selenium WebDriver?
  9. How to press the ENTER key on text box In Selenium WebDriver?
  10. What is WebDriver Wait In Selenium WebDriver?
  11. Is Selenium Server needed to run Selenium WebDriver Scripts?
  12. How can we fetch the current page URL in Selenium?
  13. Explain the different exceptions you have faced in Selenium WebDriver?
  14. How to delete cookies in Selenium?
  15. How to clear the text in the text box using Selenium WebDriver?
  16. How to click on a hyperlink using Selenium WebDriver?
  17. Explain the difference between driver.findElement() and driver.findElements() commands?
  18. What is the difference between driver.close() and driver.quit() methods?
  19. How to handle hidden elements in Selenium WebDriver?
  20. Describe the difference between driver.getWindowHandle() and driver.getWindowHandles() in Selenium WebDriver?
  21. What is Selenium WebDriver?
  22. What Is The Difference Between MaxSessions Vs. MaxInstances Properties in Selenium Grid?
  23. How to find whether an element is displayed on the web page?
  24. What is Parameterized testing in TestNG?
  25. How to select a value in a dropdown?
  26. How to capture Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver?
  27. How to get a text of a web element?
  28. How to mouse hover on a web element using WebDriver?
  29. How to get an attribute value using Selenium WebDriver?
  30. How can we handle Web-based Pop-ups or Alerts in Selenium?
  31. How can we handle windows based pop up?
  32. How to Login into any site if it is showing an Authentication Pop-Up for Username and Password?
  33. How to maximize the browser window in Selenium?
  34. Which type of tests have you automated?
  35. How to find more than one web element in the list?
  36. How do you read test data from excels?
  37. What is the alternative to the driver.get() method to open a URL using Selenium WebDriver?
  38. Is it possible to automate the captcha using Selenium?
  39. Can You Use Selenium For Rest API Testing Or Web Services Testing?
  40. How to run the Selenium WebDriver Test from the command line?
  41. What is JavaScriptExecutor and in which cases JavaScriptExecutor will help in Selenium automation?
  42. How to read a JavaScript variable in Selenium WebDriver?
  43. What is Selenium RC?
  44. How To Resize Browser Window Using Selenium WebDriver?
  45. How can you find Broken Links on a page using Selenium WebDriver?
  46. How to run a group of test cases using TestNG?
  47. What is Continuous Integration?
  48. What is the Page Object Model in Selenium?
  49. Do you have used any cross-browser testing tool to run selenium scripts on the cloud?
  50. What is Object Repository in Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium Interview Questions 101-125

  1. How to handle Ajax calls in Selenium WebDriver?
  2. How you build Object Repository in your project?
  3. What is Page Factory?
  4. List some scenarios which we cannot automate using Selenium WebDriver?
  5. How to handle browser (chrome) notifications in Selenium?
  6. How To Perform Drag And Drop Action in Selenium WebDriver?
  7. How to switch between frames in Selenium?
  8. Explain the benefits of the Page Object Model Framework?
  9. How to create and run TestNG.xml?
  10. Explain the difference between Page Object Model (POM) and Page Factory?
  11. How to achieve Database testing in Selenium?
  12. How can you use the Recovery Scenario in Selenium WebDriver?
  13. How to Download a file in Selenium WebDriver?
  14. What are the desired capabilities?
  15. How to connect a Database in selenium?
  16. How can we create a data-driven framework using TestNG?
  17. How to delete Browser Cookies with Selenium Web Driver?
  18. How To Highlight Element Using Selenium WebDriver?
  19. Explain the challenges and limitations of Selenium WebDriver?
  20. What are the annotations available in TestNG?
  21. What is TestNG Assert and list out some common Assertions supported by TestNG?
  22. How To Perform Double Click Action In Selenium WebDriver?
  23. What is TestNG?
  24. How Can We Perform Right Click Action (Context Click) In Selenium WebDriver?
  25. How Can We Scroll Web Page Down Or UP Use Selenium WebDriver?

I hope, we have covered almost all the most common selenium interview questions in the above list.

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