SerDes Test Engineer | 8+ Yrs | USA

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Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Devise test methods to evaluate the performance and operating margins of high-speed serial interfaces and supporting circuitry on networking and other ICs.
  • Devise statistically and scientifically sound methodologies to determine &/or verify the effectiveness and accuracy of a variety of challenging analog tests.
  • Measure electrical characteristics in the picosecond regime for newly designed integrated circuits for communications.
  • Work closely with chip designers to improve the testability and test methodologies of various circuits.
  • Research and evaluate state of the art test equipment, modules, and components to design the optimal configuration of test hardware for the most accurate testing possible.
  • Utilize state of the art bench test equipment to determine the parametric performance of networking ICs with the ultimate precision and accuracy.
  • Utilize a broad set of skills to isolate issues at the system, sub-system, PCB, chip package, and die level, working individually or with a team of system/board, chip, and package designers.
  • Design automated bench level device testing procedures by utilizing
  • programmable test equipment.
  • Participate in the design and development of chip evaluation fixtures (particularly printed circuit boards), test hardware, and test equipment, interacting with vendor and other internal hardware design engineers.
  • Generate comprehensive test reports with creative and clear analysis methods that highlight the relationships between stimulus / setup conditions and device performance.

Knowledge & Skills:

Uses skills to contribute to development of company objectives and principles and to achieve goals in creative and effective ways.

  • Possesses a specialized level of technical expertise or business acumen with accomplished track record.
  • Established expertise that is known and recognized within the test and measurement industry.
  • Able to professionally represent Broadcom at industry forum and conferences.
  • Develop and/or apply innovative technologies and concepts.
  • Technical or business consulting resource to business level managers.

Job Complexity / Contribution:

Works on advanced complex technical projects or business issues requiring state of the art technical knowledge or industry. Recognized as the in-house expert on specific technologies.

  • May manage resources to achieve group objectives.
  • Decisions have major impact on organization, both internally and externally.


Goals generally communicated in “solution” or project goal terms. Means of arriving at a solution not generally determined by other than the incumbent.

  • Sets and/or implements direction for high-impact and/or long-range strategic/technical projects.
  • Able to lead major initiatives and/or projects.
  • Virtually self-supervisory, yet able to work very closely within a project team in both technical and logistic ways.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s and 8+ years of related experience; at this level, a post-graduate degree is typically expected
  • Must understand and implement test methods required for high-speed custom & standards-compliant serializer-deserializer products.
  • Must develop, accurately track, and meet commitments to product characterization or engineering development schedules.
  • Understand and be very familiar with the operation and principles of modern high speed test equipment, including but not limited to power supplies, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes (with emphasis on jitter and noise analysis), bit error rate testers (including modulation/jitter sources), vector network analyzers, and logic analyzers.
  • Able to measure, understand and analyze causes of jitter and noise.
  • Understand fundamentals of VLSI IC I/O & control, and built-in self test (BIST).
  • Familiarity with test methods and testing standards for electrical performance and compliance testing with any of the following communication standards is beneficial:
  • Local Area Networking: Ethernet (10/100/1GBaseT, 10GbE (XAUI, CX4, XFI/SFI), 40 or 100GbE (IEEE 802.3 standards and/or ITU-T G-series recommendations)
  • Personal computer busses: Serial ATA, PCI-Express, USB3
  • Telecommunications: SONET/SDH (OC-192, OC-768, etc.), OTN
  • Familiarity with usage & principles of fiberoptic components in a system / testbed application such as couplers, lasers, optical amplifiers, & optical fiber is beneficial.
  • Safety conscious with clean and orderly work habits.
  • Skilled in the use of calibration standards and methodologies.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills.
  • Well organized, methodical, and detail oriented.
  • Team player and can easily work with different personalities and skill levels.
  • Extensive programming experience in at least one of the following languages: C, C++, C#, perl, or python (preferred).

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